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Green Power


Seattle’s hydroelectric power is clean and efficient, providing some of the lowest-cost power in the world.



Download Seattle City Light 2014 Environment Report

Seattle City Light Greenestr UtilityThe most important consideration when choosing a colocation facility is power. We ensure that it is stable, redundant and abundant. Electricity is delivered to our buildings underground from two dedicated Seattle City Light feeds. Our vault has three transformers to make two with redundant feeds. This allows us to provide our clients with conditioned, uninterruptible power via UPS units that feature dual independent circuits for full “A” and “B” circuit redundancy.

Our infrastructure is designed to support over 250 watts per square foot, and we are able to deliver power in both single- and three-phase AC configurations plus 12 Volt, 24 Volt and 48 Volt DC. Long-term backup power is provided by dedicated diesel generators that have a combined continuous run time of four days before refueling is required.

All Digital Fortress facility services (racks, network, telephone, HVAC) are fed by the backup power system. The generators are fitted with our own load banks to load test monthly to maintain system readiness and functionality. All of this ensures that your systems get constant, clean power no matter what’s happening outside.

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