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2014-04-10: Network Event – XO Communications (RESOLVED)

EVENT TYPE: Incidental
DATE: 2014-04-10
START: 13:29 hrs
RISK/IMPACT: Non-Interrupting / Low Risk
ROOT CAUSE: Route instability on XO core backbone

SUMMARY: One of our upstream carriers (XO Communications) is currently working to resolve route instability issues on their backbone.  This has resulted in sub-optimal path selection and increased latency in select instances.  This should be a Low/No Impact event for DF customers, but if you have questions or issues please send email to to open a ticket.

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2014-04-07: Network Event TUK (RESOLVED)

EVENT TYPE: Unplanned
DATE: 2014-04-07
START: 17:45 hrs - 2014-04-07
FINISH: 13:30 hrs – 2014-04-08
RISK/IMPACT: Service Interrupting
ROOT CAUSE: NTP based DDoS attack

SUMMARY:  NTP based DDoS attack resulted in excessive CPU/Memory usage in core routers, interrupting service facility-wide at both locations.  DF Engineers have since stabilized the environment and NetOps is monitoring the situation closely.  Please send email to if you continue to experience issue;  contact your account manager for an event report and to discuss SLA remediation.

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2014-03-28: Scheduled Network Maintenance (RESOLVED)

EVENT TYPE: Scheduled Network Maintenance
DATE: 3/28/14 ~ 3/29/14
START: 22:00 hrs PST
FINISH: 02:00 hrs PST
RISK/IMPACT: Service Interrupting

SCOPE: Digital Fortress will be performing a significant upgrade to our core network and blended bandwidth infrastructure at the Tukwila WA site on Friday March 28th beginning at 10:00pm PST (GMT-7) and concluding on Saturday March 29th at 2:00am PST (GMT-7).

Most network services will experience intermittent interruptions during this four (4) hour maintenance window as the core infrastructure is upgraded and re-deployed.  We do not anticipate an individual interruption lasting longer than 30 minutes with possibly a few short interruptions to follow.

Customers with multiple carrier circuits should not be affected, however we recommend that prior to this maintenance you weight your routing to prefer alternate carriers.

Customers using Digital Fortress DNS servers may likewise experience interruption during this period.  It is recommended that you enroll a 3rd party DNS server and set up AFXR to load balance DNS between locations.

We will endeavor to keep all interruption as brief as possible. All times are estimates based on expected outcomes of the work being performed and previous experience performing the same or similar work. There is always the possibility of some unforeseen bug, or problem that could extend the maintenance time.  Administrators will make every effort to correct the problem, or implement the back out plan quickly, if something does occur.

Colocation Customers:  We will be posting updates in our trouble ticket system @, on our website, and via twitter

If continued service disruption is experienced after this period, please contact Digital Fortress COLO support at 206-395-7163 or

Hosting Customers:  We will be posting updates in our trouble ticket system, on our website and via twitter

If continued service disruption is experienced after this […]

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2014-03-10: Scheduled Fuel Tank Maintenance (RESOLVED)

EVENT TYPE: Scheduled Maintenance
DATE: 3/10/14
START: 09:01 hrs – 2014-03-10
FINISH: 13:00 hrs – 2014-03-10
RISK/IMPACT: Non-interrupting / Low Risk

SUMMARY: Digital Fortress is conducting scheduled maintenance on the fuel tank in our Tukwila Facility between the hours of 09:00 to 13:00hrs PST on 3/10/14.  This is expected to be a non impact event.

If there are questions or concerns, please send email to or call (206) 395-7163.

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